Rich Cooper (Entrepreneurs in Cars)

As the founder of the popular YouTube channel Entrepreneurs in Cars, Canadian Rich Cooper counsels many young men on their journey through life, imploring each individual he crosses paths with to embrace their masculinity and fulfill their entrepreneurial potential. 

For Cooper, being a mentor is nothing new. 

In fact, Cooper’s leadership role began all the way back in 2010, a time when his debt consolidation business was flourishing.   

“I was advising people long before I did anything on YouTube,” he says. “I was a mentor for the EO [Entrepreneurs’ Organization] program when I was a member of that chapter in Toronto. I would always help startup businesses because to qualify to get into EO you need to have at least one million dollars worth of revenue.” 

“Most people would be able to qualify with just about any business, so we moved from $250,000 worth of revenue to one million, and the sooner we could get them there, the sooner we could get them to the next tier, which was where good stuff would happen.”

It was while in this role that Cooper began to learn of the powerful effect he had on men, especially ones who were hungry for success and determined to get better. 

“People always turn to me with their problems and the stuff that they’re stuck on. One of the more important characteristics of being a successful man and entrepreneur is being able to solve problems,” he says. 

Unfortunately, fast forward eleven years and Cooper says that men today are less equipped than their forefathers to solve problems. From Cooper’s perspective, there are many things currently plaguing the modern man, but a big issue he notices is that men do not behave the same way as those from earlier generations. 

Explains Cooper:

“If I had to pick one thing, it’s that men today are pussies. Men used to be strong, virtuous, and masculine. They would want to lead. They would want to take on the burden of performance. They would want to compete with each other, but all this has changed over the course of my lifetime. Everybody’s feelings get hurt by something, and usually by something that is insignificant.”

This extends even to the way that people address each other.

“There are gender pronouns now,” says Cooper. “I see dudes using gender pronouns in their bios on Twitter and I think you might as well put she/her if you’re going to do that because you’re exhibiting female behavior and acting like a woman.”

Ten years ago, the use of gender pronouns was not part of the North American lexicon, but today, due to an ever-changing and hyperpolitical social climate, many commonly held standards are being questioned. 

Many see this as detrimental to the development of men, including Cooper. 

“There is a part of this that men can control because they can see the differences between what works and what doesn’t, but the other part is that there are a lot of societal influences that are encouraging the feminization of men,” says Cooper. 

“There are a lot of single mothers; way more than there were fifty years ago. With the school system and the government, the state emasculates men.”

Most traditionalists fear that this trend will have irreparable social effects for men and suggest that a return to a more masculine culture, back when thick beards were in vogue and male feminists were nonexistent, would ultimately be more beneficial for the western social fabric. 

But there is also the very real possibility that society will continue to spiral into an abyss of safe spaces, gender identity politics, and a litany of other hot-button topics that only seem to cause a divide within the general populous.  

Cooper says the stripping of society’s basic foundation is intentional, a governmental ploy designed to make its citizens more dependent on state entities for economic support. 

He then cites Dr. Anthony Jay’s book Estrogeneration: How Estrogenics Are Making you Fat, Sick, and Infertile as a key resource for explaining why men today are vastly different from their predecessors. 

“Men today have less testosterone and higher levels of estrogen than at any other point in history. If you look at records of a male skeleton from 500 years ago, before there were environmental estrogens, men had way higher testosterone, and you can tell by the bone structure of the jawline, versus what men have today,” explains Cooper. 

More specifically, Cooper reveals that the drop in men’s testosterone can be traced even to the water that people are consuming out of their faucets. 

“A lot of women are on birth control, so whether they’re on the pill or they have an IUD, every time they use the bathroom, those hormones are going through the sewage system. We can clean out large particles, but we can’t clean out hormones. For example, defecation, toilet paper, condoms, and anything else that you flush down the toilet can be captured, but we can’t get hormones out of the water,” says Cooper. 

“Hormones like estrogen are continuously recycled through the water system, so whenever men are drinking water, they’re also drinking estrogen. Unless you’re drinking spring water or five-stage filtered water, you’re drinking estrogen. Even Dasani will have estrogen in it, as will the endocrine disruptors in toiletries. There are all kinds of stuff that we’re putting on and in our bodies that act like estrogen in the male body. All this changes the way men will behave when their endocrine system is fully disrupted.” 

Moreover, on a systemic level, the emasculation of men has gone beyond the funding of government programs like welfare that financially incentivize women to bear children out of wedlock. 

According to Cooper, the level of malfeasance displayed by public officials is a clear sign that the power structures in place are not encouraging a healthy perception of men. 

“The government encourages a weaker state. They don’t value masculinity. If they did, they wouldn’t allow highly processed foods on grocery store shelves, which is why the vast majority of the North American population is fat,” he says. 

In spite of all this woeful neglect, Cooper insists that society itself doesn’t hate men. Rather, he attributes man’s progressive downfall to the social constructs currently in place. 

“Liberalism and feminism want men and women to be equal, which means women start behaving more like men. Women then put their degrees and their careers ahead of being mothers, which is why we have all these people in their late thirties and early forties using In-Vitro Fertilization to try to have children when nature has already said that they’re incapable of bearing children,” Cooper explains. 

“Society, because of liberalism and medicine, tries to beat nature. They will take sperm from a guy who is practically infertile because his sperm count is so low due to being fat, sick, and nearly dead, and they will find one sperm that is decent and they will shove it into an egg under a microscope, and through science that will fertilize the mother.”

While these medical advances have helped many older people have children, Cooper sees these practices as harmful because they go against what human biology is capable of doing. 

“If nature was left to its own devices, this would never happen. These people would make themselves extinct and disappear out of the gene pool because of their stupid choices,” says Cooper. 

“This is the way that humans have worked for millions of years, but today we actually preserve stupidity because we have found a way to make stupidity thrive.”

There are some who condemn Cooper’s bluntness, but based off the popularity of his channel Entrepreneurs in Cars, there are also many who are starving for the wisdom Cooper has attained throughout his lengthy and profitable entrepreneurial career. 

And this thirst for knowledge is not limited to exclusively men. 

Kevin Samuels took YouTube by storm in the last year by delivering unfiltered and unpleasant truths to women who would call into his show looking for guidance in their love lives. 

Cooper acknowledges that there is real value to what Samuels is disseminating but notes that even Samuels sometimes falls short of delivering the necessary truth that some of his callers need to hear. 

“He’s one part entertainer, but there is a part of him that doesn’t go far enough either,” Cooper says. 

“If I was on a call with some of these women, they would get the cold hard truth, and that’s something that I don’t think he is delivering. I think there is a part of him that wants some of these women to slide into his DMs.”

As a staple in the personal development scene, Cooper wishes he had the opportunity to counsel more women but says that only two percent of the people who call in to Entrepreneurs in Cars are female. 

Still, he is not shy in mentioning that interacting with more women would also present its fair share of challenges.  

“Let me be clear: I don’t think it’s a good use of a man’s time to try to explain red-pill truths to women. In fact, I always tell guys not to do it,” he says. “I do it because women ask and half the time I don’t even acknowledge them when they’re asking these things because they don’t listen anyway.” 

“When I talk to them, they struggle to see past their own nose because of solipsism. Women’s two innate factors are hypergamy and solipsism. One asks if their current guy is really the best they can do, and the other is them having a hard time seeing past their own nose because their entire world revolves around them and their children.”

This is also a key reason in explaining why communication between men and women can prove to be difficult. 

“Because of solipsism, women have a hard time accepting the truth,” he says.

At the same time, Cooper is quick to point out that the shortcomings of modern women, much like men, is somewhat out of their control due to the way society has influenced them.  

One particularly dangerous narrative revolves around women being encouraged to delay marriage and childbirth in favor of their careers, a choice many modern women make that later has adverse effects as they move into their mid-thirties. 

The biological repercussions of having children after the age of thirty-five have been well-documented in the scientific community, but Cooper says the fallacies don’t end there. 

“There are a lot of lies that women hear that reinforce the choices that they make, which conflict with the reality of the world,” he says. “For example, you hear the narrative that women are beautiful at any size, and that’s not true, but women and feminism keep telling each other this, and it’s no surprise why we have so many fat women today.” 

Contrary to what many think, Cooper holds no animosity toward women. He simply deals with the realities of life, a strategy that not everyone appreciates or seeks to adopt. 

In a December 2020 video, Cooper recounts a date he went on with a woman who shortly after their drinks arrived told him that she had an eight-date rule that forbid any type of intimacy before the eight dates were up. 

Having seen this act before, Cooper promptly told the woman that he does not negotiate intimacy, and kindly told her that if his philosophies contrasted with hers in an irreparable manner, that she was free to leave. 

In an odd sequence of events, Cooper says the woman then took a few more swigs of her drink before offering him the opportunity for a liaison in the restroom. 

A mystified Cooper rejected the woman’s advances.

Below is the full seven-minute video of this story.  

Says Cooper of instances like the aforementioned, ones in which it can become very easy for a man to feel confused:

“A woman’s reality is different from reality. A woman’s reality is made up of rainbows, butterflies, and lies. The reality of the world is a lot different from what women want to perceive as being true.”

And in the case of the woman at the bar, Cooper adds that whatever rules a man is given by his partner or spouse are simply an unconscious biological test proctored in order to determine a man’s competency. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many men falter when these internet-labeled “shit tests” occur because they interpret a woman’s words too literally. Cooper advises men to exercise more guile in these situations. 

Like I said in my book, women will break rules for alpha males and make them for beta males,” explains Cooper. 

This is why when Cooper balked at the notion of the woman’s eight-date rule, immediately afterward she diverted from her self-imposed rules and was willing to engage in a lascivious act.

“My girlfriend once asked me if I trusted her,” recalls Cooper. “My default response was `I trust women to be women.’”

Fortunately, something good came out of the aforementioned event.  

“I got a random text from her three months later thanking me for breaking her eight-date rule because it led to one of the best relationships she ever had,” shares Cooper. 

Still, not every woman will go through this same experience, and it is why toxicity seems forever destined to permeate the dating culture between the sexes. 

“Women don’t see the facts for what they are,” begins Cooper. “Again, they want rainbows, butterflies, and lies because comforting lies sell better than the uncomfortable truth. Women get loads of affirmation regarding the comforting lies, so you can’t blame them for believing them. There are very few women that are willing to unplug from them, but it is what it is.”

At this point, it is worth questioning whether society will ever revert back to the traditional values of the past. 

Right now, it does appear that our long-held foundations will continue to become even more unhinged, especially as major news corporations continue to inundate spectators with divisive content. 

Cooper also is not optimistic. He sees society trending further in this direction, especially if the government is able to continuously monopolize power.  

“The state wants control, and they will always have control if they can keep people reliant upon the government for free stuff like welfare, single-mom child bonuses, and food stamps,” he warns. 

“As long as they can keep the vast majority of the population scared, then people will keep voting for bigger government and more free benefits. I don’t see people voting for freedom, sovereignty, independence, and lower taxes.”

This concerns Cooper because as this subtle government takeover persists, it further deprives men of being able to realize their potential. 

Explains Cooper:

“In my view, if you’re a guy and you want free shit, you’re an idiot. For me, I just want the government to leave me alone and stay out of my bank account. If I can have that and my personal freedom, I’m happy to pay reasonable tax levels to make sure that there is health care, roads, and fire services. But the problem is that the government is unnecessarily massive, it keeps growing, and it is utterly incompetent. There are no incentives within government to be competent and to be fiscally responsible with money. It’s going to keep going in this direction that it’s trending in.”

“I’m 47. In my lifetime, I’ve seen things go from conservative values to full-on liberal values. Liberalism is the direction of society today and I don’t see it coming back, unless there is some kind of black swan event where a large enough meteor hits the earth and wipes out twenty percent of the population. At that point, we would need masculinity to fix things and protect, preside, and do all the things that masculinity is good at.”

Until then, it’s likely that society will continue to be stripped of its traditional values, all of which indirectly affects men’s ability to thrive.

Cooper references a Facebook group he was recently made aware of, one in which the women in that group were actively looking for sperm donors because they did not want husbands. 

“In the past, women would look to men to father children and provide. Now they just go on a Facebook page and tell people they’re looking for a donor,” says Cooper.  

“This is how they get their way, and even if they can’t pay for the kids, the government will provide housing and food. Most of these people on this Facebook page look like they don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, but here we have a society where men are no longer valued. The value of men today has been distilled down to sperm donors.”

No matter how fatalistic Cooper may sound about the current state of affairs, he insists there are still good women roaming this earth.

That’s because there is a reality beyond what is presented on the internet, and if you look hard enough, you will still find good people.  

For men looking to find a future wife, Cooper has one piece of advice. 

“Vet for femininity,” he says. “Vet for women that value conventional masculinity and want to be conventionally feminine.” 

Sound advice from one of the leaders in the area of self-improvement. QS


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  1. I typically enjoy your work Q! This one hit home in a disturbing way. Pretty sure I was just labeled a non-listening, stupid, sperm chaser.


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