Hafeez Baoku (The Roommates Podcast)

A common misconception about generating acclaim and popularity online is that success comes quickly, that you’re only a viral video away from becoming the next internet sensation.  Yet, if you ask those who have actually achieved a certain level of notoriety, they will tell you that becoming mainstream is not that simple.  Instead, to build... Continue Reading →

Sammy Adams

We’re all just normal people, until suddenly we’re not.  Sammy Adams knows firsthand what this feels like.  After the wildly successful release of his EP, Boston’s Boy, which reached the top spot on Apple Music in 2010, Adams was thrust from relative anonymity into superstardom.  This took him on a path that included touring North America... Continue Reading →

When Night Turns to Morning

“Do you know what the term emotionally unavailable means?” Steve asked his newly disappointed friend named Cory.  “Of course, I do,” Cory said. “Why are you asking me this?” Cory had just got dumped by his girlfriend. He was in no mood for theatrics, let alone the harsh and unsolicited words that were soon to... Continue Reading →

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