Robert Chevalier

When I was in college, I always worked shitty jobs.  For a couple years, I unloaded packages at 4 A.M. at UPS for $12 an hour. Overall, the job sucked. My back always hurt and waking up at 3:30 in the morning meant that, unlike my peers, I couldn’t stay out all night on Thirsty... Continue Reading →

Sli Ngcobo

I met Sli in Beijing, China. The first thing I noticed when she walked into the office on her first day of work was her radiant smile, punctuated by her ability to light up a room with her charming charisma. As I got to know Sli more, I learned that even when she’s upset, if... Continue Reading →

7 Reasons Why I LOVE China

If you’re reading this, it might be because you found my post last week about life in China as inflammatory, or that the aim of that post was to generate controversy.  Well, if you’re a fan of American politics, or have a shred of interest in the fate of the United States’ political future, then... Continue Reading →

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