Julie Pearson

***BO MONEYY WINNER ANNOUNCED AT END OF ARTICLE*** With coronavirus in full-swing, it’s been hard to achieve normalcy. Going out and meeting people is no longer possible, at least not in the conventional sense. Grabbing a cappuccino at the local coffee shop has been replaced by taking walks around the neighborhood and maintaining six feet,... Continue Reading →

Bo Moneyy Still Wants to Make it in L.A.

I’ve followed rapper Bo Moneyy for over five years now. Part of why I like Bo so much is because he and I are in similar positions. We’ve both been putting out content ever since we knew what we wanted to do with our lives. Success has been hard to come by, but it’s the... Continue Reading →

Mrs. Frump (No Relation to Donald)

One day, Bailey was sitting in her metaphysics class, twiddling her thumbs as she daydreamed about all the fun things she wanted to do this weekend. “Excuse me, Bailey! Pay attention!” hollered Bailey’s teacher, Mrs. Frump. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Frump,” Bailey told her teacher before turning her attention back to the chalkboard that was filled... Continue Reading →

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