The Truth Behind the Truth

  There was a time I was perceived as too skinny. To many, this might seem comical. Yet there I was, as an eight grader, standing in a waterpark in Coon Rapids being berated for my body. “Dude, are you anorexic?” was one of the rude and hurtful sentiments purported to me. This question, by... Continue Reading →

Context for The Long Road North

  As some of you already know, I am in the final stages of my first book. I began writing The Long Road North, a memoir, in the summer of 2015. During the spring of that same year my friend Ryan (Rhino as he is commonly referenced throughout the story) and I rode our bicycles... Continue Reading →

What I Used to Think Was Important

  Time seems to go by incredibly fast, which isn’t surprising and should give everyone the impetus to act now and not delay any desired ventures. It seems like almost yesterday that I was in the fourth grade being wrongfully accused of mouthing expletives at my teacher. A lot has changed since then, namely that I... Continue Reading →

A Sampling

*This is a small reflection on a bicycle journey I went on last month with one of my best friends. While this piece is short, I deem it a sampling because I am currently in the final stages of a memoir about a bicycle trip I took to Canada over spring break nearly two years... Continue Reading →

New Experiences

This past week has been interesting. On Tuesday while I was bartending an attractive older woman (35, in her words) came in and was very flirtatious with me. I had seen her once before at another bar in the area. Her and I came to talking and she informed that the only reason she was... Continue Reading →

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