Marina Iakovleva (Dating Beyond Borders)

To say Marina Iakovleva is a well-traveled individual would be an understatement. Born in Moscow, Marina and her family moved to Canada when she was twelve years old. She then spent the next twenty years of her life there before moving to Portugal last year.    Why?  “I wanted a simple life,” she tells me via... Continue Reading →

Heather Hummel (Successful Ghostwriter)

After The Long Road North came out in 2017, a man who read my book contacted me.  “Would you write a book about my life?” he asked over the phone as I walked around aimlessly in my backyard on a cool summer day.  “I certainly could,” I told him, before eventually working my way toward the big... Continue Reading →

Belle Allen

Not everyone who goes to China loves their experience.  For example, I always thought it was harder for western women to find the same levels of enjoyment as their male counterparts because China, and Asia on the whole, isn’t geared toward women.  In my experience, much of what I experienced was catered to my gaze,... Continue Reading →

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