Sam LaCrosse (Value Economics)

Sam LaCrosse is the author of Value Economics: The Study of Identity. Born in a working-class suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, LaCrosse has always been literary-minded, even while he was learning to walk.   “My parents said I started reading when I was eighteen months old,” LaCrosse contextualizes. It then should come as no surprise that... Continue Reading →

Daryll “DA” Atkinson (Grandvillain Productions)

Daryll “DA” Atkinson is an independent songwriter/artist out of Minneapolis, and he is also the founder of Grandvillain Productions. Born and raised two hours west of Detroit, Michigan, in the city of Grand Rapids, Atkinson remembers his childhood as being a relatively normal one. “I always thought it was pretty standard, but looking at the... Continue Reading →

Jen Silver (Roofing Utah)

Jen Silver is the CEO & President of Roofing Utah, a roofing company in Salt Lake City that helps homeowners with roof replacements and storm damage restoration. In addition to being the owner of a roofing company, Silver is also an industry consultant, helping contractors learn how to have more control over their businesses by... Continue Reading →

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