Francis & Oluchi Emelogu (IGBOLINGO)

Francis and Oluchi Emelogu are the owners of IGBOLINGO, a company who aims to make it cool and easy to learn the Nigerian language of Igbo through fun and interactive flashcards. A brother-sister pair from Nigeria, Francis and Oluchi immigrated to the United States at a young age, returned to their native country for boarding... Continue Reading →

Danielle Super (Reclaiming Life Art)

Danielle Super is the founder of Reclaiming Life Art, having developed an art portfolio that consists of acrylics, textiles, and free-association pieces. A native of Maple Grove, Minnesota, Super grew up on an acre of land in a Victorian-era farmhouse. There, she exhibited a personality that differed from many of her peers. “I wasn’t into... Continue Reading →

Jasmine Webber (Northwestern Mutual)

Jasmine Webber is the Director of Recruitment for Northwestern Mutual at their Lake Elmo office in the Twin Cities. A native of Green Bay, Wisconsin, Webber grew up in a part of the country where NFL football is king, but she was also raised in a household that valued having a strong work ethic and... Continue Reading →

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