Rich Cooper (Entrepreneurs in Cars)

As the founder of the popular YouTube channel Entrepreneurs in Cars, Canadian Rich Cooper counsels many young men on their journey through life, imploring each individual he crosses paths with to embrace their masculinity and fulfill their entrepreneurial potential.  For Cooper, being a mentor is nothing new.  In fact, Cooper’s leadership role began all the... Continue Reading →

John King (Asian Expert & Educator)

Having spent over a decade living in Asia, John King is an incredible source of knowledge for what life is like on the other side of the world.  Whether it be hiking through mountains in Taiwan, developing powerful relationships in the business mecca of Hong Kong, or refining and ultimately perfecting his Mandarin in Beijing,... Continue Reading →

Indigo Traveller

Nick Fisher, better known as Indigo Traveller to his over 820,000 YouTube subscribers, is a New Zealand vlogger who in the last few years has taken the internet by storm, visiting countries that your travel agent would never recommend, but altogether shedding a positive light on the places he visits.  Unlike some of his contemporaries,... Continue Reading →

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