Myrtle Beach

“Where would you go?” “Myrtle Beach.” This exchange happened in October Sky, a movie that debuted almost two decades ago and starred a young Jake Gyllenhaal. If it wasn’t for this movie, I’d likely have no idea where Myrtle Beach is. I’d probably go as far as guessing that it was an exotic locale somewhere... Continue Reading →

Why I Love Cycling

Sometimes it’s hard to be positive. With everything going on outside the comforts of my living room window, finding a sense of calm isn’t as easy as one would like these days. My escape usually involves hopping on my bike and going for a ride, the pedals of my apparatus offering a chance to enter... Continue Reading →

Jefferson Mason

I used to go to community college. It wasn’t exactly the university experience that TV shows and movies had me believe was possible, but it was the perfect landing spot for a middling teenager like myself. My best friends were away at universities, making memories and getting girlfriends. I was stuck at home taking the... Continue Reading →

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