Cooper Wahlo (Mahana Fresh)

Cooper Wahlo is the owner of Mahana Fresh in Fargo, North Dakota. Each day, Wahlo helps customers eat well and live better by serving health-conscious meals that are a cross between Chipotle and Crisp & Green. A Woodbury, Minnesota native, Wahlo didn’t grow up seeking to become a restaurant owner, but that doesn’t mean his... Continue Reading →

Graham Riley (How to Win on LinkedIn)

Graham Riley is the President of Maverrik, a global company that specializes in business-to-business sales through leveraging online platforms such as LinkedIn. Considered by many to be a LinkedIn guru, Graham enjoys helping clients generate new business on the platform through strategic branding and direct messaging, but in order for Graham to acquire this expertise,... Continue Reading →

Elizabeth Calzadilla (Business 411)

Elizabeth Calzadilla is the owner of Business 411, a Miami-based marketing company that specializes in business growth solutions like branding, advertising, and automation. Born in Yonkers, New York, Calzadilla and her family quickly moved to North Carolina in search of a better life, but as Calzadilla entered her formative teenage years, things quickly unraveled, resulting... Continue Reading →

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