Mike Maupin

I rarely decline interviews because everyone, no matter their lot in life, has something to share with the world. And in every instance, I always learn something new. Which brings me to Mike Maupin. Maupin is a writer, editor, and media maker. He currently boasts over 2,000 followers on Medium, an online publishing platform that... Continue Reading →

Cycles of Nostalgia for Bogotà

Life is funny.  It’s been almost a year since I’ve been in Bogotá. I miss that place, the way the people are so friendly, debunking every stereotype that CNN and other major news stations want Americans to believe is true. My parents didn’t want me to embark on another voyage. They thought I would get... Continue Reading →

Mikaela Donelan

Traveling. It sounds like fun, and for most people, it is. But for many, traveling is usually limited to week-long stays in places with sandy beaches or a vibrant nightlife, unless of course you’re one of the lucky individuals who can afford to rent a luxury villa off the coast of Italy. Having been to... Continue Reading →

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