Dima Sobovoy (Roofing SEO School)

Dima Sobovoy is the founder of Roofing SEO School, which teaches roofing contractors how to do SEO in-house so that they’re not constantly looking to third-party sources to generate online leads. For Sobovoy, helping roofing companies become independent, self-sufficient online entities dominates his work life, but years ago, Sobovoy was a young boy growing up... Continue Reading →

Kevin Busch (NoRedInk)

Kevin Busch is a Customer Success Manager at NoRedInk, an online web-based language-learning platform. Born and raised in Maple Grove, an affluent suburb of Minneapolis, Busch credits much of his current success to the importance his family placed upon education, particularly in high school.   “I was privileged enough to have an incredible high school... Continue Reading →

Max Golovastikov (Graphic Designer)

Max Golovastikov is a freelance graphic designer in the Twin Cities. Hailing from the Russian city of Arzamas, a quaint town located on the Tyosha River, Max grew up in a part of Eastern Europe that few will ever visit, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a fantastic place to be a kid. “I have... Continue Reading →

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