I went back to high school…

A few weeks ago, I went back to high school, literally.  I did this because I wanted to improve my grade in chemistry (just kidding; even if I did go back, that grade would probably still end up being a D+). Instead, I went back to talk to the next generation about what it’s like... Continue Reading →

Bjarne Viken (Ghostwriting Lead Specialist)

Bjarne Viken is a ghostwriting lead specialist who helps clients earn $100,000+ a year from LinkedIn. Hailing from Kongsberg, a quaint mining town in Norway, as an adult Viken moved to Australia after life in Scandinavia became too repetitive. “When you come from a small place, you want to escape,” Viken says. Through a series... Continue Reading →

Joseph Hughes (Contractor Dynamics)

Joseph Hughes is the owner of Contractor Dynamics, a revered marketing training company within the roofing industry. Raised in the Jersey Shore, Hughes won’t draw comparisons to the cast of characters seen on the hit TV show that has the same name as his hometown, but he is proud of where he grew up. “We... Continue Reading →

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