Buy The Long Road East Audiobook

Not everyone has been blessed with the wrist stamina that is required in order to hold onto a 313-page book 😂 Fortunately, you can still check out The Long Road East by downloading the audiobook from Amazon! List price is $17.46! Book Summary:  From the author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North comes Quentin Super’s... Continue Reading →

Now Available: The Long Road East by Quentin Super

Four years later, the next installment of The Long Road series has arrived!  The Long Road East is now available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $28.95! Audiobook and e-book versions of the story will be coming out in the coming weeks!  Book Summary: From the author of the internationally-selling book The... Continue Reading →

Danny G (How to Get the Blue Check Mark)

Danny G is a musician based out of Nashville, Tennessee. For Danny, he originally spent the majority of his life playing sports, but he also was routinely exercising his creative energies by dabbling in music.  “I always had a creative side that I wanted to tap into,” says the rapper, who lists Jack Harlow and... Continue Reading →

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