Janse Anderson

Janse Anderson is a graduate of Concordia University in St. Paul, Minnesota. Born in nearby White Bear Lake, Anderson grew up in a place that fostered a great sense of community. “Really nice people and a vibrant downtown with awesome restaurants. That’s White Bear Lake,” Anderson says of his hometown, before doubling down on his... Continue Reading →

John King (VictoryXR)

John King is the Director of Higher Education at VictoryXR, a company whose mission is to bring higher education to the Metaverse. Born in Rome, Georgia, King’s hometown may not be as glamorous as its European counterpart, but the Peach State’s rendition can still be described as the quintessential southern city. “Rome has a vibrant... Continue Reading →

Matthew Peterson (TSARSI)

Matthew Peterson is the Business Development Manager at TSARSI, a Twin Cities company that provides global staffing solutions for the construction industry and beyond. Born in Hastings, Minnesota, Peterson later spent several years in Des Moines, Iowa playing hockey. After high school, Peterson, a fluid skater with a penchant for putting the puck in the... Continue Reading →

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