My First & Hopefully Last Breakup

  I used to have nightmares that I would wake up one day and my life would never be the same. When I was seven I woke up drenched in sweat because I was dreaming about my friend and I committing mass murder, and how I’d never be able to make my mom proud. A... Continue Reading →

Why I Don’t Blame The Cool Kids

Why I Don’t Blame The Cool Kids The other day a colleague of mine and I were talking about our high school days. “Were you cool back in the day?” I asked her. “I was an outcast. People did not like me. You?” Laughing, “I wasn’t considered cool either.” For context, my friend is gorgeous.... Continue Reading →

The Paradoxical Nature of Pull-Tabs

  If you have been to a bar recently, you most likely have seen an area of the place designated to pull-tabs. Pull-tabs, for those who aren’t aware of what I’m talking about, are tiny, square-shaped tickets with cheesy decorum on the front side, and three flaps on the back side that people pull, (hence... Continue Reading →

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