I went back to high school…

A few weeks ago, I went back to high school, literally.  I did this because I wanted to improve my grade in chemistry (just kidding; even if I did go back, that grade would probably still end up being a D+). Instead, I went back to talk to the next generation about what it’s like... Continue Reading →

Connor Jones (Midcon Exteriors)

Connor Jones is the owner of Midcon Exteriors, a roofing company based out of Lowell, Arkansas. Born and raised just north of Joplin, Missouri, Jones was the oldest of eight kids who grew up in a family that prided themselves on the importance of hard work. Growing up, Jones never dreamt of becoming a roofing... Continue Reading →

Graham Dessert (Battle Tested)

Graham Dessert is the author of Battle Tested: 7 Lessons from My Company’s Bankruptcy, which gives readers an inside look at what led to the dissolution of Roofing101, a national roofing company that had been in business for twelve years before ultimately going under.  Born in Colorado to a military father, Dessert lived in several... Continue Reading →

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