Brandon T. Adams (Entrepreneur/Success in Your City)

Brandon T. Adams is a video marketing expert and Emmy Award winning producer/host of the TV series Success in Your City.   Over the course of the last decade, Adams has immersed himself in entrepreneurism, logging countless hours and building a high-profile network by providing value to some of the biggest names in self-employment, including Kevin... Continue Reading →

Aether Haze

Aether Haze is a rapper from East Bethel, Minnesota, a city located roughly thirty miles from Minneapolis. For years, Haze has mesmerized listeners by combining unique instrumentals with deeply personal lyrics, in turn creating a style of music that reminds many underground fans of the late Lil Peep, a hugely popular artist who revolutionized the... Continue Reading →

Linda Beilig (Pedalling the Planet)

Pre-pandemic, Linda Beilig showed us how to bike around the world, before later authoring Pedalling the Planet, a 231-page book that documents over two years of her life in the saddle.   Beilig and her then-boyfriend Tim started their cycling journey in Manchester, England in March of 2018, before ultimately finishing in Mexico right as... Continue Reading →

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