Ed Latimore (Pro Boxer, Best-Selling Author)

Ed Latimore is a former professional boxer who hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  During his boxing career, Latimore compiled a career record of 13-1-1 before ultimately retiring from the sport in 2016 at the age of thirty-two. Following his retirement, the next year Latimore released his debut novel, Not Caring What Other People Think Is A Superpower:... Continue Reading →

Halfway into 2021…

It’s been fun to see the website evolve this year!  Excited to see what the future brings!  Watch the video below to see a recap of all the guests featured on my website this year! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEzvcFzInQ8 Also, check out a recent podcast I was on where we covered a variety of topics, including: the painstaking... Continue Reading →

Tez Hailu (Silent Echo Studios)

Tez Hailu is the Creative Director of Silent Echo Studios, a creative collective agency located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The goal of Silent Echo Studios is to bring people together through art and creativity, two things that Hailu has always been passionate about.  “What inspired me to start Silent Echo Studios was the fact that creativity... Continue Reading →

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