Zane Haloski (Author)

Zane Haloski is the author of Since Communism Never Worked In My World, I Brought It To Another World.

Born and raised in a suburb just outside Indianapolis, Haloski’s childhood was stereotypically Midwestern.

“There wasn’t much crime, and you really had to go and look for trouble, so I always felt safe,” Haloski contextualizes.  

A self-described loner in high school, Haloski didn’t have many friends throughout his formative years.

“I didn’t like talking too much. I thought that talking unnecessarily was wasteful, even though I now realize that if I talked more, I would have made more friends,” Haloski admits.

Post-high school, Haloski contemplated attending college, but he also wanted to be an entrepreneur, and so instead of investing in traditional education, Haloski pursued several business ventures.

“Among other things, I tried getting into drop shipping, but I learned this: when online classes on how to do something come out, that trend is usually dead, and all the money has already been made,” Haloski shares.

Like many young entrepreneurs, Haloski struggled to establish a sustainable business, and today he is still searching for professional sustainability, but not too long ago, Haloski tabled his business plans and began crafting a novel.

A science fiction fan, Haloski penned Since Communism Never Worked In My World, I Brought It To Another World, a story set in an alternate universe that explores the idea of communism being a viable social model.

Haloski had originally planned to write the book with an associate of his, but the two ultimately had creative differences that led to the dissolution of the idea of co-authoring the book.

“He wanted to include more explicit material, and I wanted to make it more marketable to teenagers,” Haloski says, adding that the two agreed that whoever published their version of the story first would hold exclusive copyright to the work.

Unsurprisingly, the driven Haloski soon after inked a deal to publish the book, and the novel was later released in December 2022.

Nearly five months later, reader response to the book has been varied, especially among North American readers, something Haloski says he anticipated long before the book became available to the general public.

“The concept of communism will never be very popular in the U.S. or in a western society, but even though I knew that my story wouldn’t land as well with an American audience, I still wanted to persevere and publish the book,” Haloski explains.

For context, Haloski is currently drafting a series based off the original book, and by all accounts the concepts will remain the same throughout the duration of the saga.

“I’m planning on writing six or seven volumes of the book,” Haloski says.

“I originally thought it was going to only be three volumes, but after working out a copyright issue with some of the pictures in the first book, I’ll now be able to comfortably do six or seven volumes.”

While Haloski’s hope is that one day his series is embraced by readers across the world, and that he can become a self-employed author, the Indiana native is just as excited about the possibility of communism being viewed as a functional social system, albeit in a different realm.

“I want to make the idea of communism in a fictitious fantasy world seem reasonable, but only in that universe,” stresses Haloski, who it should be noted identifies as a capitalist and in no way endorses communist values being implemented in the United States.

“As a proponent of free markets, I don’t believe that communism is a sustainable model for a society to operate under, but in a fantastical world it’s worth giving it a try, and so that’s why I decided to write this series.”

Which begs the question:

Why does an entrepreneur who is a staunch believer in capitalism want to write books about a communistic way of life?

“To reiterate, communism only appeals to me in a fantastical context, meaning that concept could only succeed in a universe where I control everything,” Haloski mentions.

“In that sense, writing this story is like a fun little exercise for the brain, but again I want to stress that I don’t think communism could work in modern society. I mean, we don’t have to look too far back in the history books for evidence as to why that would be the case.”

Beyond his current series of books, Haloski is also considering delving into another series, which could mean that one day Haloski will have authored around ten or twelve books.

“I want to make more book series and make them faster. Japanese novelists can typically create a new volume within three or four months when they’re super dedicated, financially compensated, and committed to the craft,” Haloski says.

“At the same time, I want the work I publish to be good. I don’t want to create crap.”

To get to the point where he will have a plethora of books published under his surname, Haloski will have to take massive action, but as a man who has already undertaken a litany of entrepreneurial and creative pursuits, it wouldn’t be surprising to one day see Haloski’s name become synonymous with some of the titans in the science fiction genre.

“I’m a big believer in taking action and actually publishing a book,” notes Haloski, who advises other writers to keep pursuing greatness in their craft, regardless of what detractors may say.  

“Once your book comes out, you’ll get feedback, and some of that feedback will sting, but that’s okay. It’s all part of the process.” QS


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