Sammy Ibala (Engineering Project Manager [WRT])

Sammy Ibala is an Engineering Project Manager for Water Remediation Technology (WRT), a water treatment plant located just outside of Denver, Colorado. For the first decade of his life, Ibala grew up in the state of Connecticut before his family transitioned to the Greater Denver area, a move that not only brought divine weather, but... Continue Reading →

Giacomo Elia (Brompton Tokyo Tours)

Giacomo Elia is the owner of Brompton Tokyo Tours, an international company that offers bicycle tours around Japan and Europe, all while riding the revered Brompton. Born and raised in the Italian capital of Rome, Elia didn’t have a clear path toward financial success growing up, and consequently it was difficult for him to establish... Continue Reading →

Kevin Robert (PowerHouse Pro)

Kevin Robert is the founder of PowerHouse Pro, a technology platform that gives contractors the targeted marketing data and outreach tools they need to generate more leads and close more deals. Raised in Hemet, California, Robert grew up two hours east of Los Angeles, in a 90,000-person city where life was rarely glamorous.   “Life... Continue Reading →

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