Top Roofing Contractors in 2023

1. Grussing Roofing – Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Owner: Guy Grussing

“My advice to homeowners is this: if you don’t trust someone, or if the situation doesn’t feel right, then that’s not a good way to enter into business with a roofing contractor.

I would also advise the homeowner to ask for referrals and to check out past work, but ultimately you want to find somebody who cares about you and your home. A lot of companies can put on a decent roof, but not every company is going to go to the extent that we do to prioritize customer service and make people feel like they’re working with a close friend or a trusted family member.”


2. Restoration Roofing – Memphis, Tennessee

Owner: Brent Simmons

“We are really transparent with what we do. Even if people don’t buy from us, they appreciate how we take the time to educate them on roofing products. For example, during sales calls we do a full in-house demo of everything so that we can properly establish and manage expectations with homeowners from start to finish.

We also have more Google reviews than any other roofing contractor in the Memphis area, and that’s because in addition to our transparency, we always put the customer first by doing whatever we can to ensure that they have an excellent experience working with us.”


3. Zuniga Roofing & Gutters – Corpus Christi, Texas

Owner: Alex Zuniga

“We like to make sure we show the small projects the same amount of love as the big projects. Sometimes people find themselves calling a roofing contractor and being given then run-around because their project is “too small.” We get it, but because we love our community, we can’t just say no without giving it a try first.

Additionally, we’re huge on attention to detail and communication. Projects become headaches for homeowners when the roof replacement process isn’t explained well enough. We like to set expectations at every level of a project so that we can avoid issues, but if something does come up, homeowners already know what we will do in order to remedy that issue.”


4. Seamless Roofs LLC – Sparta, Wisconsin

Owner: Warren Yutzy

“As a kid, I learned a lot about roofing from my dad, who for many years installed shingles on roofs. Eventually he began installing Conklin roof coatings on commercial buildings, and so years later when I began my roofing company, I already knew I wanted to offer Conklin roof coatings to my clients.

I’m a huge proponent of Conklin roof coatings because not every commercial building needs to have their roof replaced. Conklin can help extend the life of the roof and in turn save the property owner thousands of dollars.”


5. Yeti Roofing – Rapid City, South Dakota

Owner: Nate Schweppe

“I’ve been roofing since I was 10 years old, and I’ve been a business owner for 13 years. I have unparalleled product and installation knowledge due to so many years of hands-on experience.

Unlike some roofing contractors, I’m willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve customer satisfaction because at the end of the day we’re a family business, and we treat our customers as if they’re part of our family.”


6. Equity Roofing – Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania

Owner: Allen Stoltzfus

“The roofing industry offers a lot of opportunity for growth.

Being able to develop a business not only allows me to succeed, but there are also quite a few people that I can bring with me, especially my employees.”


7. Roof Shield – Albertville, Alabama

Owner: Darral Simmons

“We are a supplier to businesses who treat roofs with bio-based oil. This product brings a 15-year old shingle back to the same performance level as a new shingle . Our product, which has been ASTM-tested for claim validation, is the only product that does this.

That’s why when we sell our product to applicators, we know with confidence that not only are they applying the best product on the market, but we also will train our clients on the best practices for application because that’s how confident we are that our product will extend the life of asphalt shingles.”


8. DreamHome, Inc. – Springfield, Virginia

Owner: Nish Patel

“We have served the DMV area for over 20 years. We are a Platinum Preferred Contractor with Owens Corning, which is the most recognized shingle brand in the roofing industry.

We also try to make life easy for our customers. We offer competitive pricing and easy monthly payment plans that include 0% interest.”


9. Gasper Roofing – Merchantville, New Jersey

Owner: Jason Gasper

“The roofing industry has given me everything that I have. It’s the only thing I know, so I owe everything to the roofing industry. It supports my family, my workers and their families.

But none of this would be possible if I didn’t focus on helping customers and making their lives better. It’s the most important aspect of my business, and every day I prioritize it.”


10. EuroShield Roofing – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Southeast U.S. Sales Director: David Summerly

“I fell into roofing, but I fell in love with it very quickly. I love that it doesn’t take a long time to learn enough in order to go out to be successful. Anybody with a good attitude can go out and work hard in the roofing industry and make a lot of money. If you’re willing to learn and grow, this is a great industry.”

“The company I work for, EuroShield, is the roofing product of the future. Synthetic and metal roofing is eventually going to become the majority of the products installed, and I love that we are ahead of the game on that one. EuroShield is made from recycled tires and is supposed to last for 50 years. The warranty is also the best in the industry; products have gone through Hurricane Ian with no failures. It is the only guaranteed hail-proof shingle in the world.”


To learn more about what Quentin Super does, watch the 1-minute video below!


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