Best Realtors in the Twin Cities 2023

1. Caleb Carlson701-520-8569

“I try to prioritize the relationship versus the transaction.

My clients become like family and they deserve prompt communication, unbiased honesty, and the patience needed to make decisions with as much logic and wisdom as possible.”

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2. Josh Sanderson – 949-439-8425

“There have been multiple times over the last several years where we personally could have benefited (in the form of a commission) from not being honest with our clients, but we have talked buyers out of making rash/unwise buying decisions and walking away from homes they really wanted to offer on. I am 100% confident that in each case, it was the right decision for that client. They either avoided some major problems or ended up finding something that was a better fit for them.

Today, we remain dedicated to serving our clients’ needs. We are 99% referral based and our business would have died a long time ago if we didn’t provide our existing clients with the type of service they deserve. This involves always having our clients at the top of our minds and always working for them instead of ourselves.”

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3. Jay Oyugi – 612-735-8202

“Because I’m also an investor, I have a deeper understanding of the real estate market and other investment opportunities, which can be valuable for clients when they are looking to buy or sell property.

I also have access to off-market or pre-market properties that are not yet available to the general public, plus I can help clients negotiate for fair market prices, while also helping them secure financing for a property.”

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4. Rico Phillips – 218-940-6385

“I am very knowledgable about the housing market because I have been investing in real estate for years. I take good care of my clients and make sure they don’t get themselves into bad deals or situations. I can also can help clients with building wealth through real estate if they are interested in starting or growing a rental portfolio.

Much of what I know about real estate can also be attributed to having mentors and gaining experience through my own ventures, some of which have been good, and some of which have been costly. It’s all part of the process, and I’m constantly learning the industry in order to best serve my clients.”

5. Ben Ancel – 612-751-4714

“Homeowners work with me because of my new construction expertise. That’s the main reason I get hired nowadays.

When it comes to building new homes or custom homes, there’s a lot more of a process that goes into it than most people realize, and if homeowners aren’t properly equipped with the right knowledge, they can end up sinking way more money into a project than they need to.”

6. Arsenio Richardson – 612-232-1206

“I’m not in this industry just to make a buck. I’m here to serve people by answering questions, build relationships over the long-term, and ultimately help people get into homes.

Particularly in the black community, there are a lot of misconceptions around what it takes to be a homeowner, and so if I can bring value and alleviate some of the concerns that people in my community go through during the home buying process, then I’m not just getting people into homes, but I’m also helping them get on the path toward building generational wealth.”

7. Michael Floyd – 612-709-5767

“There were a lot of things that I learned from my time in the NFL, such as: hard work, having accountability, and putting trust into the people around me.

All those things play a vital role in my second career as a realtor. My clients are counting on me to educate them, and give them actionable advice that they can use to better not only their living situation, but their lives for many years to come.”

8. Joey Cameron – 612-741-5253

“I take my role as a “fiduciary” very seriously. I will always do what is necessary to work in my client’s best interest, carefully assessing how I am advising them on their real estate decisions and how it relates to their personal goals and circumstances.

My own integrity, along with the happiness and fulfillment that my clients experience from their real estate decisions, means more to me than any amount of money.”

9. Scott Borschke – 763-227-6337 (Mortgage Loan Originator)

“If I had to pick one thing that has been most beneficial to my success as a mortgage loan officer, it is the level that I care about my clients, while also understanding their emotions and different communication styles. Anyone will say that they care about their clients, but I am also focused on helping EVERY person that has questions, at every level of qualification.

One of my mottos in life is “we ALL have the SAME value,” and whether you are buying a million-dollar “dream home” with an 800 credit score, or looking for a $150,000 condo and may need credit work… every single client matters the same to me.”

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To learn more about what Quentin Super does, watch the 1-minute video below!


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