Halfway into 2021…

It’s been fun to see the website evolve this year!  Excited to see what the future brings!  Watch the video below to see a recap of all the guests featured on my website this year! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEzvcFzInQ8 Also, check out a recent podcast I was on where we covered a variety of topics, including: the painstaking... Continue Reading →

Caleb Carlson (Why are 2021 Home Prices So Crazy?)

Here is a little-known fact:  90% of people who get their real estate license will flame out.  But all you have to do is sell houses, the uninformed say. And people want to buy houses. Really, if real estate were that simple, everyone would do it.  The reality is most people aren’t cut out for sixty-hour... Continue Reading →

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