The Salukie: “You don’t have to give up your hobbies to travel full-time”

A few weeks ago, The Salukie hit me up for a second time.

“Hey bro, you sure you don’t want to do an interview? I’m in quarantine and have nothing but time on my hands,” he wrote.

I sighed.

The only thing I knew about The Salukie was that he was an aspiring YouTuber with a modest subscriber base.

Running off the high of uploading a Kurt Caz interview that netted 15,000 views, the prospect of uploading a video that might get fewer views didn’t intrigue me.

See, the Kurt Caz interview had me feeling a certain kind of way about YouTube and what possibilities may lie ahead for me.

A silly mindset indeed because as I bounced around my apartment and dreamt of grandiosity, even I had the foresight to understand that the game of YouTube, and life, isn’t that easy.

Predictably, a short while later my YouTube daydreams had been humbled.

I had uploaded another interview with a prominent YouTuber, this time with Wouter Corduwener, the impressive Dutch polyglot whose story I was convinced thousands would want to hear.

Through a series of deflating events, the polyglot video tanked… bad.

As of this writing, the video still has yet to hit 100 views.

To go from hitting 15,000 clicks to less than a century was perplexing, but it also taught me a valuable lesson.

Content creation is not about views, subscribers, or hype.

It’s about doing what you love.

For me, writing was my first passion and also the driving force behind why I wrote two books documenting the various debaucheries of my life.

Moreover, I enjoy the opportunity of getting to connect with people.

So, with my pride sufficiently swallowed, I contacted The Salukie and asked him for an interview, the pleasure being all mine in this instance.

During my subsequent research of the Israeli travel vlogger, I discovered a young man who was polite, thoughtful, and most importantly, had grasped the concept of finite time.

The thing is this:

We don’t have much time on this planet, so it is best to go for what we want right now and live with a sense of urgency because if the hysteria from the last eighteen months has taught me anything, it’s that normalcy can be altered in a matter of seconds.

The Salukie really embodies this philosophy in his videos, which is why I feel fortunate to be the vessel to share some of his story.


No one is entitled to anything, whether that be a paycheck or a profitable YouTube career, no matter how much their reputation may precede them.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy The Salukie interview, which can be seen by clicking the YouTube video at the bottom of this article.

And yes, just like with Kurt Caz, The Salukie is shirtless for this interview.

Perhaps a new trend among interviewees has been born…

… just kidding, hopefully.


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