Christina Ghanicheva (Frame_B Studio)

Christina Ghanicheva is the founder and CEO of Frame_B Studio, a web design & development company whose mission is to transform client ideas into a functional project with a clear understanding of their ultimate goal, and then design it with visual aesthetics.

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Ghanicheva grew up in the nation’s cultural capital, and while she inherited much of the artistic flair that St. Petersburg is known for, she also never truly felt at home in a city with a population of over 5.5 million people.

“I felt like I was born in the wrong country. Living there was strange,” Ghanicheva reveals.

Self-described as hyperactive, Ghanicheva admits there are also moments when she is closed off, her bubbly personality shut off from the outside world when she is busy designing a website for a client or collaborating with one of her developers on how best to service a client’s online needs.

For context, Ghanicheva used to work in logistics, employed by a European company that was a big producer of porcelain.

A polyglot who speaks three languages (Russian, Dutch, and English), Ghanicheva was responsible for a lot of backend tasks while working for the porcelain manufacturer.

“I was primarily working on giving structure to merchandising,” she says, and while she enjoyed aspects of her conventional employment, internally Ghanicheva’s artistic aspirations were not being realized.  

That’s a major reason why she later left her stable job and pursued a career in web design, combining her vast knowledge of structure and logistics with an artful aesthetic that today has allowed her to help an array of clients from a litany of industries.

“What I love about web design is ensuring that things have structure, while at the same time making sure that clients and their businesses are being accurately represented within that structure,” Ghanicheva says.

For years Ghanicheva has continued to master the nuances of web design, her client base in turn benefitting from Frame_B Studio’s elite team of designers, developers, and SEO specialists.

Ghanicheva and her staff have partnered with a variety of companies and entrepreneurs, but in recent years Frame_B Studio has begun working with more roofing companies.

Ghanicheva has always had a baseline understanding of the roofing industry, which helps explain why after creating a series of Instagram ads to market her services, and taking dozens of phone calls with roofing companies, she began to experience success in such a niche domain.

“For our company [Frame_B Studio] it’s practical to work with roofing companies because we know that industry very well,” Ghanicheva says, but she is also quick to mention that her web design services extend far beyond servicing roofing contractors.

“We also like working on creative projects and with different types of companies. We especially enjoy projects that are centered around art and culture.”

Due to the diversified skillsets her employees have, when Ghanicheva lands contracts, she is confident that her team can help bring a client’s online vision to fruition.

Most notably, Ghanicheva’s python developer, Pavel Zaytsev, is considered by many to be an expert engineer, which is essential because of the grandiosity some of Ghanicheva’s clients have for their websites.   

“For our clients who have really ambitious projects, Pavel is really good at bringing those visions to life,” Ghanicheva says.

“He is precise, a natural born programmer, and my role is to come up with a design and a framework that he can make user-friendly and highly functional.”

Of course, sometimes a client’s vision doesn’t align with the logistics of a website.

In those instances, Ghanicheva and Zaytsev take the time to listen to their client’s concerns and formulate a plan of action that is beneficial to all parties involved.

Still, there are moments when a client’s desires simply are not feasible, or possible, and when that happens, Ghanicheva and Zaytsev organize a meeting to thoroughly explain why they are designing a website the way that they are, which usually assuages the concerns of a client.

“Not all website companies do this, but we’re different,” Ghanicheva mentions.

“Pavel and I are always thinking about the end results for clients and users, and that is what makes us so good at our jobs. It’s not about ego, or about what I or Pavel want. It’s about doing what’s best for the customer, and if they don’t yet understand that, then we do what we can to make sure there is no confusion as to why we are employing certain strategies versus others.”

Moving forward, Ghanicheva and her team will continue to assist clients in the roofing industry and beyond, and while not every project is the right fit for Frame_B Studio, Ghanicheva is excited about what the next few years may bring.

“My team and I like to work on big projects. We devote the majority of our resources and attention to attracting bigger projects, as opposed to taking on a large number of smaller projects because that is our niche,” Ghanicheva notes.

“I know some people think we should do smaller projects, but the reality is that isn’t what we specialize in. We are the most effective as a unit and as a company when we’re working on bigger projects with clients who share the same long-term goals that we do for their business.” QS


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