Matthew Peterson (TSARSI)

Matthew Peterson is the Business Development Manager at TSARSI, a Twin Cities company that provides global staffing solutions for the construction industry and beyond.

Born in Hastings, Minnesota, Peterson later spent several years in Des Moines, Iowa playing hockey.

After high school, Peterson, a fluid skater with a penchant for putting the puck in the back of the net, took his talents down south, to Florida of all places, where he then spent a pair of seasons playing junior hockey.

After amassing nearly 80 points in two seasons of junior hockey, Peterson then shifted his focus away from the rink, opting to concentrate on obtaining a degree in higher education.

This led to him enrolling at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers to pursue a degree in business and finance.  

“In total, I lived in Florida for seven years,” Peterson says.

“It was very fun. I was always able to stay active because of the warm weather. I didn’t feel like I had to hibernate during the winter, like we do here in Minnesota.”

For as enticing as the weather was, Peterson mentions that The Sunshine State’s climate at times was overbearing.  

“Florida was definitely too hot for me, especially in the summer,” he adds with a chuckle.

With a business degree in hand, and with the world seemingly in front of him, Peterson ultimately left Florida to return to Minnesota.  

He currently works for TSARSI (Total Service and Resource Solutions International), a company that aims to help construction businesses increase their revenue by assisting with staffing, lead generation, accounting, and estimating.  

Peterson says that when it comes to TSARSI’s services, many construction companies would benefit from their integrative approach, particularly if they don’t have the employees or systems in place to work quickly and efficiently.

“For example, when you are doing takeoffs or finding leads, it’s a 24-hour job,” Peterson notes.

“So to be able to have staff working on takeoffs at all times, that allows a construction company to produce takeoffs and deliver their bids faster than their competition. In an industry that thrives off speed and precision, having those systems in place gives a company a stark advantage.”

Having grown up working with his father building decks, Peterson always possessed a deep-seated appreciation for the construction industry, but coming out of college his first job in Corporate America involved working in venture capitalism.

In fact, it wasn’t until he had a conversation with the owners of TSARSI, who at the time were looking to build an offshore estimating team, did Peterson begin to think that a career outside finance and venture capital could make sense.

“Being that I was already familiar with the construction industry, I saw that there was a really good opportunity with TSARSI,” Peterson says.

“I built a relationship with the owners, and over time that made me confident that I could help them establish an offshore estimating team and make it profitable for their company.”

In his short time with TSARSI, Peterson has already seen firsthand the benefits of the services his employer offers to construction companies.

That’s one reason why he is so motivated help TSARSI partner with construction companies who may not yet have fully optimized staffing and estimating systems in place.

“We service a lot of builders, but we can also help contractors in any industry, from HVAC and electrical, all the way to plumbers,” Peterson mentions.

“The goal is to have employees for these companies in whatever capacity they need them.”

While some construction companies have adapted to the rapid technological advances currently at their disposal, others have not, and it’s affecting their ability to build and sustain revenue.

From Peterson and TSARSI’s perspective, many construction companies who are struggling simply aren’t aware of the tools that can help them grow their businesses.

“Where I see a lot of construction companies have problems is they aren’t keeping their sales pipeline full, and they don’t have their lead generation and bidding processes dialed in,” Peterson explains.  

“To take it a step further, I’ve visited construction companies who aren’t using any type of software. They’re just using pen and paper, and the problem with that is it takes up so much time.”

By adding more staff, the construction companies that are lagging would be able to expedite their most laborious tasks, but Peterson also cautions that TSARSI’s services aren’t for every construction company.

“The contractors who work with us have the funding to build out a team,” he says, adding that companies who produce between 2,000-5,000 estimates per year are the ones who are most likely to benefit from TSARSI’s services.

“Here’s the thing though: there is not a specific revenue number that a company has to be at in order to work with us. We work with both corporations and with local businesses. It really comes down to what a company’s needs are and the type of plan we can come up with together.”

To prove just how much construction companies can increase their revenue by partnering with TSARSI, Peterson cites the fact that after Ultralox, a well-known manufacturer in the Twin Cities, enlisted their services, the volume of estimates they were processing rose exponentially.  

“Their estimates went from $3 million to $7 million in one month, and that’s because they added well-trained employees who were able to streamline their lead generation process,” Peterson reveals.

As for the future of TSARSI, they will continue to help construction companies optimize their systems and processes, but the Hastings product also admits that there could come a point when TSARSI is sold to a bigger company, and his future would suddenly look much different.

“If we were to build TSARSI up and sell it in five to ten years, I would be proud of the work we have done, but right now we are focused on helping our clients,” Peterson says.

“But if we did sell one day, it would allow me to go get my master’s degree in international business, which would also help me get to the next level.” QS


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