Casey Nordbak (Aspiring Philosopher)

After graduating from California State University Long Beach in 2017, Casey Nordbak embarked on the adventure of a lifetime by moving to Beijing, China. 

It was there that he met Quentin Super, setting in motion a friendship that over time saw the duo travel to South Korea, Japan, and later Colombia.

Beyond the adrenaline rushes that came with their adventures, the two also developed a deep connection that centered around philosophy, literature, and what it means to be a human being of honor and integrity. 

Recently, Nordbak and Super jumped on a Zoom call to discuss not only their travels, but also their respective evolutions as men. The two also engaged in spirited conversations revolving around politics and dating. 

To check out the full conversation, watch the YouTube video below, and as always, don’t forget to subscribe to so you don’t miss any upcoming interviews or content!  

Looking for a new book to read? 

Pick up Quentin Super’s first novel, The Long Road North

Does your book need an editor?

Contact Casey Nordbak by visiting his website today!


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