Dating in Colombia VS Dating in China

Dating is hard. Duh. As an American, it’s interesting how other countries date because it’s vastly different than where I’m from. This post explains what it’s like to date women from two cultures on opposite sides of the world: China and Colombia. I’ve broken the explanation process down into five simple categories (in relative order):... Continue Reading →

3,000 Tinder Matches

Interested in buying or selling a home? RE/MAX agent James Eason can help with all your real estate needs. Get in touch with him today by clicking on this link! *** Buy Quentin Super's first novel, The Long Road North, here Quentin Super is a ghostwriter. Curious about what exactly a ghostwriter does? Click here to find out more information, then watch this video for... Continue Reading →

Decisions, Decisions

It’s been two months since I left Asia and began a new journey in Florida. At times I miss the grind of a bustling city like Beijing, and then there are moments I remember the feelings brought on by food poisoning and am content with the double cheeseburger and milkshake fare that runs rampant in... Continue Reading →

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