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I recently watched the Brian Banks movie, and for anyone who likes football or pays a bit of attention to the news, his story went something like this:

Star football player goes into a staircase with a female classmate and ultimately rejects her sexual advances. The girl, likely embarrassed, tells police she was raped by Banks, and then through law enforcement and his lawyer’s egregious mishandling of the case, Banks is imprisoned, and the young woman ultimately sues the school district and receives a large settlement.

Watching the film, it’s almost vomit-inducing to see this young man’s life upended by the word of another person. Banks, a star athlete, likely never would have seen justice had he not been a notable athlete.

And it’s all based on what this woman claimed to have happened.

It got me thinking about the subject of false rape, and how common it is. So, like anyone seeking a quick answer, I Googled it. This brought me to a website that claimed rape allegations turn out to be false 2-10% of the time.

2-10%. That’s quite the spectrum; almost too interpretive, in my opinion. If you believe false rape allegations are common, you’ll lean toward the 10%, and if you think they are extremely rare, you’ll lean toward the 2%.

There a litany of other factors that go into this number, better described by the actual article itself. But there is no definitive statistic, nothing that we as a society can grab onto and determine as factual.

The reality is this: men rape women, and women also lie about getting raped. This isn’t a mystery. The reasons for both genders committing these crimes vary.

What’s more interesting is how did we get here? Are false rapes more widely common these days, or is the media simply trying to drive a narrative that sells?

Truthfully, I don’t have those answers. But I think there is a bigger question we have to ask, and the answer is meant to start developing a cure for society’s fractured relationship between the genders.

See, growing up in America, dating seemed so romantic. The idea of one day meeting a woman who would love and grant me access to her body was exciting. I had fallen into the fairytale of what love was.

But as I entered high school, love seemed hard to come by, my pimples and jawline not shaded by facial hair unappealing to the opposite sex. Perhaps it wasn’t all physical. I was nerdy and not that smart, at least in terms of where I was going to college.

***To be continued***

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