Seth Berge (Pain Logistics & Regenerative Medicine)

Seth Berge is the founder and owner of Pain Logistics, a regenerative medicine company that specializes in connecting patients and providers by offering non-invasive, non-steroidal, and non-surgical treatments to those in need. Growing up, like many kids, Berge’s interests weren’t centered around marketing innovative medical treatments. Instead, the Binford, North Dakota native dreamt of playing... Continue Reading →

Bryan Foss (From Pro Basketball to Health & Wellness)

Bryan Foss is a former professional basketball player who is now a Personal Wellness Coach for Herbalife Nutrition. Born in Plymouth, Minnesota, Foss attended Osseo Senior High School, where he quickly became a star basketball player. In fact, before he graduated in 2002, the 6-5 guard led the Orioles to a state championship and amassed... Continue Reading →

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