Is It Really All About the Abs?

  It’s absolutely pathetic how shallow most guys are, myself included. Since I turned fifteen, I almost haven't thought about anything other than eating, exercising, and sex; and not in that order. I somehow managed to pause that part of my life and write The Long Road North. It took me two years, but the... Continue Reading →


Why The World Might Be Passing Me By

  I woke up the other morning, throat burning and the inside of my mouth contaminated to the point that it was difficult to swallow. Fall is coming, I thought to myself, looking out the window to see that the leaves had turned orange and now resided on the ground, instead of their rightful spot... Continue Reading →

The Lost Art of Dating

    As I’ve been working with some of my older clients over the past couple weeks, I’d be remiss if I did not mention the extreme joy that I receive over hearing other people’s life stories. In every instance, these people have lived, meaning they have endured the mistakes of their youth, seen people... Continue Reading →

Why Does It Seem Every Woman Owns a Cat?

In the past couple months, I’ve noticed a growing, baffling trend; that being nearly every woman on this earth owns a cat. It’s gotten to the point that this phenomenon warrants some explanation. The other night I was on a date, things were heating up, and we decided to go back to her place. “You... Continue Reading →

Dealing With a New Reality

What Do I Do With My Life? Man, time definitely flies when you’re having fun. It seems like just yesterday I was stressing out about going to college, and if that path was right for me. It seems like only a few hours ago that I was a bundle of nerves, anxiously awaiting the beginning... Continue Reading →

What St. Cloud Means to Me

    “Damaged. You’re a little damaged.” These were the words of my hairstylist as she was removing what little remained of the hair on the back of my neck. “This is what I get for sharing my feelings,” I thought to myself as she began massaging and shampooing my head with a technique that... Continue Reading →

Context for: The Long Road North

A lot of pain and heartache went into The Long Road North. I have grappled with many themes and events during my time writing this memoir, as it is so clearly both a positive and negative reflection on my not-so-distant past. How I portrayed certain people, events, and even myself weighed heavily on me throughout... Continue Reading →

Right Here, Right Now

  That doubt always creeps into your head. It’s been there since you were a young boy or girl. Can I do this, you think to yourself as you prepare to take on the latest challenge in your life. This line of thinking is natural because you’re straying from your norm, from the lifestyle you... Continue Reading →

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