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Six years ago (wow, time flies) I clicked on a Facebook ad A few months after that, I was on a plane to Beijing, China to become an English teacher Kind of funny because my main motivation in going there was to party and fraternize with the local women But I ended up living there... Continue Reading →

Kevin Olali (Youth Soccer Coach)

Kevin Olali is a youth soccer coach in Dallas, Texas. Born just outside of Dallas in Garland, when Olali was seven years old he migrated further north to Plano, a move that initially upset him. “When I was in the second grade, I cried on my first day of school when my mom dropped me... Continue Reading →

Zane Haloski (Author)

Zane Haloski is the author of Since Communism Never Worked In My World, I Brought It To Another World. Born and raised in a suburb just outside Indianapolis, Haloski’s childhood was stereotypically Midwestern. “There wasn’t much crime, and you really had to go and look for trouble, so I always felt safe,” Haloski contextualizes.  ... Continue Reading →

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