The Chance To Grow

I wanted to sit down with her, so I did. It was a few days ago, an empty room on the second floor providing the setting for what would be an insightful conversation. Right away, it is clear ZeErica is a happy woman, a radiating smile emanating from her face that both invites intrigue and... Continue Reading →


26 Years and Still No Answers

“You want to go on vacation together?” I email my uncle not too long ago. “Negative. Can’t travel anymore,” his email reads, my plan to imbibe in an expensive paradise now needing an alternative. “How are things going in China?” he goes on to ask. “They’re going well, nothing special.” “I pray for your safety... Continue Reading →

Fasten My Seatbelt

Three bike rides, two massages (one oil and one Thai, both by women with death grips that have me limping out of the parlor), and eight steaks later I ready to leave Bangkok. I sleep for a few hours before my red eye, which I have to supplement with a three hour layover in a... Continue Reading →

A Day In A Chinese Hospital

My alarm goes off, another Sunday morning beginning at the crack of dawn. In a haze, I walk to the bathroom for my morning ritual. I'm caught off guard when I take a piss that doesn't feel normal. I don't think much of it. Maybe the spaghetti bolognese I ate last night had old tomatoes... Continue Reading →

The Beijing Express

The humidity seeps in from outside my window, smothering me in a layer of heat my body would rather not experience as I try to fall asleep. Numerous topics roll through my head, like how working in an office can become toxic, the likely consequence when people are forced to spend long hours together. I... Continue Reading →

After Six Weeks in China

I’m going to be honest. I really didn’t know what to write these last couple weeks. Some of that is because I keep putting the finishing touches on another book that I’m preparing to submit to publishers. And I love writing these posts, but sometimes I become lazier than the guy sitting on his couch... Continue Reading →

The Inconsistencies of Growing Up

I don’t know where it comes from, that feeling of dissatisfaction. I wake up everyday and usually want something different from the previous twenty-four hours. One day I want a girlfriend, the next day I want to seduce that woman that looked twice at me on the subway. Or at times having a stable job... Continue Reading →

Why I Came Here

  When I was a young boy, my mom and I were driving home from the library, something I hated because who wants to spend their summer break stuck inside four walls surrounded by books when there is sunshine and backyard baseball to be had. “When you get older, you have to leave this town,”... Continue Reading →

Just To See How Far You’ve Come

  Something came over me the other night. I had a hankering for a Dirty Buffalo. Most people have no idea what a Dirty Buffalo is, and rightfully so. Before your imagination runs wild, I’ll stop you and share that a Dirty Buffalo is a drink that this bar in St. Cloud, Minnesota makes. It’s... Continue Reading →

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