Why I Came Here

  When I was a young boy, my mom and I were driving home from the library, something I hated because who wants to spend their summer break stuck inside four walls surrounded by books when there is sunshine and backyard baseball to be had. “When you get older, you have to leave this town,”... Continue Reading →


Just To See How Far You’ve Come

  Something came over me the other night. I had a hankering for a Dirty Buffalo. Most people have no idea what a Dirty Buffalo is, and rightfully so. Before your imagination runs wild, I’ll stop you and share that a Dirty Buffalo is a drink that this bar in St. Cloud, Minnesota makes. It’s... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, My Friend

The downside to traveling is that it throws my entire workout routine off-kilter. I am by no means a workout spaz. I don’t spend hours everyday in a gym sculpting the smallest muscles in my arms. But I do love getting in the gym five times a week and building enough perspiration to make my... Continue Reading →


  We used to huddle around the TV, throwing profanities and obligatory remarks both at the screen and at each other as we battled for NHL supremacy. We drank way too much Mountain Dew and complained about the women that wouldn’t give us what we wanted. We took trips to the casino to gamble away... Continue Reading →

The Halfway Point

Anyone that has read my blog knows that late last year I went through a breakup. It wasn’t just any breakup, but rather, it was my first breakup. They say you never forget your first love, like you never forget your first dog or your first kiss. I’ll never forget my first dog (hope you’re... Continue Reading →

Is It Really All About the Abs?

  It’s absolutely pathetic how shallow most guys are, myself included. Since I turned fifteen, I almost haven't thought about anything other than eating, exercising, and sex; and not in that order. I somehow managed to pause that part of my life and write The Long Road North. It took me two years, but the... Continue Reading →

The Lost Art of Dating

    As I’ve been working with some of my older clients over the past couple weeks, I’d be remiss if I did not mention the extreme joy that I receive over hearing other people’s life stories. In every instance, these people have lived, meaning they have endured the mistakes of their youth, seen people... Continue Reading →

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