Dating in Colombia VS Dating in China

Dating is hard. Duh. As an American, it’s interesting how other countries date because it’s vastly different than where I’m from. This post explains what it’s like to date women from two cultures on opposite sides of the world: China and Colombia. I’ve broken the explanation process down into five simple categories (in relative order):... Continue Reading →

Creating A Vision

The first time I met Z we were at this big gala where everyone gets together to sing kumbaya and revel in how great things really aren't. I remember walking into this massive ballroom feeling unimpressed because I hadn’t been here two weeks and already I felt disingenuous. The night was going to be one... Continue Reading →

Not A Lot, But Enough

I forget where I am. It’s March 1, 2018 and I have to rub my eyes a little bit to see the TV I left on to know I’m in a hotel room in Beijing, China.  My father doesn’t think I should be here, but I’m living my life as if he has passed away,... Continue Reading →

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