In Every Direction

Christina and I haven’t had the smoothest of relationships, her relentless positivity and optimism not meshing with my sardonic, reclusive personality. But when I think of Christina, I always remind myself how much respect I have for her willingness to give so much, yet ask for so little. I recently sat down with Christina on... Continue Reading →

The Chance To Grow

I wanted to sit down with her, so I did. It was a few days ago, an empty room on the second floor providing the setting for what would be an insightful conversation. Right away, it is clear ZeErica is a happy woman, a radiating smile emanating from her face that both invites intrigue and... Continue Reading →

26 Years and Still No Answers

“You want to go on vacation together?” I email my uncle not too long ago. “Negative. Can’t travel anymore,” his email reads, my plan to imbibe in an expensive paradise now needing an alternative. “How are things going in China?” he goes on to ask. “They’re going well, nothing special.” “I pray for your safety... Continue Reading →

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