Davis Narey (Freelance Videographer)

Davis Narey is a Twin Cities-based videographer who grew up in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. As a child, Narey, like many kids, enjoyed playing sports and hanging out with his friends, but in a city with a population of just under 40,000, there was only so much adventure to be had. “Summers in my hometown were... Continue Reading →

Rod Blocker Jr. (Brotherly Differences on YouTube)

Rod Blocker Jr. is the co-host of Brotherly Differences, a YouTube channel he and his brother started that chronicles current events in both sports and pop culture. Blocker thoroughly enjoys hosting the weekly episodes from the comforts of his home, but the Chicago native has also received a considerable amount of pushback from those in... Continue Reading →

Is Tinder Worth It?

Tinder. What a place. Great for the thirsty young man or woman who doesn’t feel like going to a bar or after-work mixer to find human companionship. I first came about the app in 2013 when my buddy brought it up at dinner. “Have you heard of Tinder?” he asked as I paraded around the... Continue Reading →

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