Dating in Colombia VS Dating in China

Dating is hard. Duh. As an American, it’s interesting how other countries date because it’s vastly different than where I’m from. This post explains what it’s like to date women from two cultures on opposite sides of the world: China and Colombia. I’ve broken the explanation process down into five simple categories (in relative order):... Continue Reading →

Traveling for the Sake of Traveling

I was sitting in a liquor store a few years back, probably eating a Subway sandwich. It was either that or one of those $6 rotisserie chickens from the grocery store. Having just read Thoreau’s Walden Pond, thoughts of travel were spurred. So I asked myself: does traveling make someone a better person, or is... Continue Reading →

2 Losers in Colombia

“Bro. Come down to Florida,” I told the Saint. “I got a way for you to make some money.” Weeks later Saint James arrived in the Sunshine State. It wasn’t hard to pick up where we left off. Save for a brief reunion in Texas, he and I had not seen each other since leaving... Continue Reading →

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