Tom Lais (he biked around the world…)

Tom Lais has biked around the world. But while growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota, Lais never envisioned gallivanting across country lines on two wheels. Instead, the Twin Cities native preferred trekking off into the woods and making forts. “And I was not very good at sports, so I also did a lot of running,”... Continue Reading →

Guy Grussing (Grussing Roofing)

Guy Grussing is the owner of Grussing Roofing, an Eden Prairie, Minnesota-based roofing company that has been in business for 51 years. Born at the revered Abbot Hospital in downtown Minneapolis, Grussing spent the majority of his childhood in the suburb of Minnetonka, but he also enjoyed exiting the Twin Cities and spending time in... Continue Reading →

Scott Borschke (Supreme Lending)

Scott Borschke is a Mortgage Loan Originator for Supreme Lending. Raised in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Borschke eventually left the Twin Cities and enrolled at St. Cloud State University, his intent being to graduate from the college’s renowned business school. But like many freshmen, Borschke spent more time socializing than studying for exams. “My... Continue Reading →

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