Ọlayinka Famodu (Financial Literacy Institute)

Ọlayinka Famodu is the president and co-founder of the Financial Literacy Institute, which teaches their clients the financial literacy skills they should have learned in school. A native of the Twin Cities, Famodu’s upbringing was unlike many of his peers. For starters, Famodu went to a Hispanic elementary school, a place that afforded him a... Continue Reading →

Rick Brimacomb (Brimacomb Capital)

Rick Brimacomb is the owner of Brimacomb Capital, a venture capital firm that aims to assist with building businesses, versus just financing them. Born in Minneapolis near Lake Harriet, Brimacomb grew up in an era where life was simpler. “Our neighborhood had a lot of great people and great families,” Brimacomb recalls.   “The world... Continue Reading →

Moses Dolo Jr.

Moses Dolo Jr. grew up in north Minneapolis, an area of the Twin Cities that is routinely scrutinized for its high crime rates and lackluster public education system, which helps explain why when Dolo was in middle school, his family elected to move to a suburb named Fridley. “Fridley was safer. There were no gunshots... Continue Reading →

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