School Shootings

  You know that feeling you get when your life goes from carefree to adrenaline-fused in a matter of seconds? Nope. Neither do I. At least, I didn’t until my classmate Paul walked through the doors of Sanford Senior High that fateful day. It was a Tuesday, the day typically reserved for receiving great deals... Continue Reading →

Experiencing My Paris

They say that life is short. They say that you should work hard and love harder. They say that for every action there is a reaction. They also say you should never mix work with pleasure. They tell you a lot of things, and most of the time they are right. But they never tell... Continue Reading →

Finding Love Through Hate

"Life hasn't beat you up enough yet. I can tell in your writing," my mother bluntly told me a few weeks ago while I was chomping down an organic banana. I looked at her, puzzled. Well god damn, it sure feels like life is taking its' swings. It’s 10:07 P.M., and I’m two Sex on... Continue Reading →

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