Why Does It Seem Every Woman Owns a Cat?

In the past couple months, I’ve noticed a growing, baffling trend; that being nearly every woman on this earth owns a cat. It’s gotten to the point that this phenomenon warrants some explanation. The other night I was on a date, things were heating up, and we decided to go back to her place. “You... Continue Reading →

Context for: The Long Road North

A lot of pain and heartache went into The Long Road North. I have grappled with many themes and events during my time writing this memoir, as it is so clearly both a positive and negative reflection on my not-so-distant past. How I portrayed certain people, events, and even myself weighed heavily on me throughout... Continue Reading →

Right Here, Right Now

  That doubt always creeps into your head. It’s been there since you were a young boy or girl. Can I do this, you think to yourself as you prepare to take on the latest challenge in your life. This line of thinking is natural because you’re straying from your norm, from the lifestyle you... Continue Reading →

School Shootings

  You know that feeling you get when your life goes from carefree to adrenaline-fused in a matter of seconds? Nope. Neither do I. At least, I didn’t until my classmate Paul walked through the doors of Sanford Senior High that fateful day. It was a Tuesday, the day typically reserved for receiving great deals... Continue Reading →

Experiencing My Paris

They say that life is short. They say that you should work hard and love harder. They say that for every action there is a reaction. They also say you should never mix work with pleasure. They tell you a lot of things, and most of the time they are right. But they never tell... Continue Reading →

Finding Love Through Hate

"Life hasn't beat you up enough yet. I can tell in your writing," my mother bluntly told me a few weeks ago while I was chomping down an organic banana. I looked at her, puzzled. Well god damn, it sure feels like life is taking its' swings. It’s 10:07 P.M., and I’m two Sex on... Continue Reading →

What I Did with My New Year

  Stomach wrenching every direction. Head spinning so much, clarity becoming impossible to achieve. Like most people, I spent the last couple hours of 2016 and the first few of 2017 over indulging in liquor and stupidity. I spent most of my tip money pounding drinks trying to beat the 2 A.M. buzzer. I tried... Continue Reading →

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