Tom Lais (he biked around the world…)

Tom Lais has biked around the world. But while growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota, Lais never envisioned gallivanting across country lines on two wheels. Instead, the Twin Cities native preferred trekking off into the woods and making forts. “And I was not very good at sports, so I also did a lot of running,”... Continue Reading →

Kurt Caz: “Mom, I’m going to Egypt!”

Kurt Caz is a YouTube travel vlogger who recently eclipsed 260,000 subscribers on the platform. In just a few short years, Caz has already traversed across the continents of Europe and South America, leaving his mark on the world by showcasing the less glamorized parts of cities and adding his own flair and personality. Learn... Continue Reading →

Sli Ngcobo

I met Sli in Beijing, China. The first thing I noticed when she walked into the office on her first day of work was her radiant smile, punctuated by her ability to light up a room with her charming charisma. As I got to know Sli more, I learned that even when she’s upset, if... Continue Reading →

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