Graham Dessert (Battle Tested)

Graham Dessert is the author of Battle Tested: 7 Lessons from My Company’s Bankruptcy, which gives readers an inside look at what led to the dissolution of Roofing101, a national roofing company that had been in business for twelve years before ultimately going under.  Born in Colorado to a military father, Dessert lived in several... Continue Reading →

Kevin Robert (PowerHouse Pro)

Kevin Robert is the founder of PowerHouse Pro, a technology platform that gives contractors the targeted marketing data and outreach tools they need to generate more leads and close more deals. Raised in Hemet, California, Robert grew up two hours east of Los Angeles, in a 90,000-person city where life was rarely glamorous.   “Life... Continue Reading →

Aaron Golub (First Legally Blind NCAA D-1 Athlete)

The obstacles that each individual has to overcome in their life varies depending on the circumstances.  Some people fight to overcome financial hardship while others struggle to come to terms with emotional issues that have railroaded their ability to live happily.  But very few people have been forced to navigate the uncertainty quite like Aaron... Continue Reading →

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