Quy Bui (Exteriors Plus LLC)

Quy Bui is the owner of Exteriors Plus LLC, a roofing company located in Savage, Minnesota that services homeowners across the Twin Cities. A native of nearby Bloomington, Bui’s childhood was an adventurous one, his upbringing untainted by many of the concerns that parents today share. “I grew up in an era where there wasn’t... Continue Reading →

Jim Johnson (ContractorCoachPRO)

Jim Johnson is the founder of ContractorCoachPRO, a consulting company that offers roofing companies around the United States the tools and resources they need to be successful in business. Born north of Houston in the city of Magnolia, Johnson grew up in a part of Texas where the heat is sweltering, but the general tenor... Continue Reading →

Connor Jones (Midcon Exteriors)

Connor Jones is the owner of Midcon Exteriors, a roofing company based out of Lowell, Arkansas. Born and raised just north of Joplin, Missouri, Jones was the oldest of eight kids who grew up in a family that prided themselves on the importance of hard work. Growing up, Jones never dreamt of becoming a roofing... Continue Reading →

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