Daryll “DA” Atkinson (Grandvillain Productions)

Daryll “DA” Atkinson is an independent songwriter/artist out of Minneapolis, and he is also the founder of Grandvillain Productions. Born and raised two hours west of Detroit, Michigan, in the city of Grand Rapids, Atkinson remembers his childhood as being a relatively normal one. “I always thought it was pretty standard, but looking at the... Continue Reading →

Aether Haze

Aether Haze is a rapper from East Bethel, Minnesota, a city located roughly thirty miles from Minneapolis. For years, Haze has mesmerized listeners by combining unique instrumentals with deeply personal lyrics, in turn creating a style of music that reminds many underground fans of the late Lil Peep, a hugely popular artist who revolutionized the... Continue Reading →

Danny G (How to Get the Blue Check Mark)

Danny G is a musician based out of Nashville, Tennessee. For Danny, he originally spent the majority of his life playing sports, but he also was routinely exercising his creative energies by dabbling in music.  “I always had a creative side that I wanted to tap into,” says the rapper, who lists Jack Harlow and... Continue Reading →

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