Ryan Thielen (Triglass Productions)

With media platforms like YouTube and Netflix continuing to attract more viewers and content creators, consequently, there has become an increased demand for talented filmmakers who can create visually captivating pieces of art.  For Ryan Thielen, this rise in demand has coincided nicely with his lifelong passion for cinema and filmmaking.  Thielen is the Director... Continue Reading →

Jon Fitch (Renowned UFC Fighter Talks Red-Pill Theory)

As a world-renowned welterweight in the UFC, Jon Fitch knows firsthand how thrilling personal success can be. Whether it was battling UFC legend Georges St-Pierre for a title or compiling a career record of 32-8, Fitch, a Fort Wayne, Indiana native, has experienced what so many fighters, and people, can only imagine.  But that’s not... Continue Reading →

Jefferson Mason

I used to go to community college. It wasn’t exactly the university experience that TV shows and movies had me believe was possible, but it was the perfect landing spot for a middling teenager like myself. My best friends were away at universities, making memories and getting girlfriends. I was stuck at home taking the... Continue Reading →

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