Jarrod Howard (What’s it like to live in China?)

Jarrod Howard is a kindergarten teacher in Austin, Texas. A long-time resident of The Lone Star State, Howard grew up in Beeville, a quaint town near the Mexican border that boasts a population of just under 13,000 people.   “There is nothing there,” Howard says of his hometown. “We got a Chili’s back in 2006,... Continue Reading →

John Stavros (PMP Studios)

John Stavros is the owner of PMP Studios, a New York-based company that has provided production, marketing, and promotions services to businesses for over 25 years. Born in a small village near Peloponnese in southern Greece, Stavros grew up in an area that was known for developing some of the world’s best olive oil. While... Continue Reading →

Jerrid Sebesta (Taatjes Financial Group)

Jerrid Sebesta is the Director of Business Development at Taatjes Financial Group in Willmar, Minnesota. Born 40 miles west of Willmar in Montevideo, Sebesta grew up in the now-forgotten era where kids were encouraged to go outside and play with their friends. Sebesta says in the small town of Montevideo, he and his friends would... Continue Reading →

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