Elizabeth Calzadilla (Business 411)

Elizabeth Calzadilla is the owner of Business 411, a Miami-based marketing company that specializes in business growth solutions like branding, advertising, and automation. Born in Yonkers, New York, Calzadilla and her family quickly moved to North Carolina in search of a better life, but as Calzadilla entered her formative teenage years, things quickly unraveled, resulting... Continue Reading →

Brandon T. Adams (Entrepreneur/Success in Your City)

Brandon T. Adams is a video marketing expert and Emmy Award winning producer/host of the TV series Success in Your City.   Over the course of the last decade, Adams has immersed himself in entrepreneurism, logging countless hours and building a high-profile network by providing value to some of the biggest names in self-employment, including Kevin... Continue Reading →

Aaron Golub (First Legally Blind NCAA D-1 Athlete)

The obstacles that each individual has to overcome in their life varies depending on the circumstances.  Some people fight to overcome financial hardship while others struggle to come to terms with emotional issues that have railroaded their ability to live happily.  But very few people have been forced to navigate the uncertainty quite like Aaron... Continue Reading →

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