Cameron Rundles (D-I Basketball Coach)

Cameron Rundles is an assistant basketball coach for St. Thomas University in St. Paul, Minnesota. Born and raised in the northside of Minneapolis, Rundles grew up right next to Patrick Henry High School, surrounded by family who made him feel welcome and loved. In that sense, Rundles was a normal kid, but unlike many of... Continue Reading →

Tai Pham (Asian Boss Boy)

Tai Pham is the founder of Asian Boss Boy, a coaching program designed to help Asian-American men get lean and transform their lives. The son of Vietnamese immigrants, Pham was raised in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue, his life unencumbered by the financial distress his lineage experienced back in Asia.   “Unlike in Vietnam, over... Continue Reading →

CJ Parker (Pro Basketball Player)

CJ Parker is a professional basketball player who was born in Chicago, Illinois. A small forward who has already seen time in countries such as Mexico, Spain, Moldova, and Morocco, the 6-6 Parker routinely gets buckets by combining his rugged toughness with an acute feel for the game. It’s no secret that Parker’s poetic displays... Continue Reading →

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