TJ Hickey (Boston-Based Musician)

TJ Hickey is a popular hip-hop artist from Boston, Massachusetts, with over 42,000 followers on Instagram alone. A graduate of Trinity College, a liberal arts school located in Connecticut, Hickey has spent the last eight years away from the rigors of Corporate America, instead opting to tirelessly grind his way through the East Coast music... Continue Reading →

Jason Perry (CEO of Trident Shield)

In the United States, tragic instances of gun violence continue to occur.  Sadly, in recent years many innocent people have fallen victim to insidious acts of gun violence.  Worse, perpetrators don’t discriminate when it comes to which places to target.  Schools, churches, and workplaces have all been the site for catastrophic occurrences.  The likelihood of... Continue Reading →

Sammy Adams

We’re all just normal people, until suddenly we’re not.  Sammy Adams knows firsthand what this feels like.  After the wildly successful release of his EP, Boston’s Boy, which reached the top spot on Apple Music in 2010, Adams was thrust from relative anonymity into superstardom.  This took him on a path that included touring North America... Continue Reading →

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